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My name is Anna. IZombierun Anna am 36 years old and the mother of three energetic children; Rachel, age 14 years, Dylan, age 9 years, and Grace, age 7 years. I work full time as a mental health therapist on an inpatient psychiatric unit for adolescents. I am passionate about plant based nutrition and living an active lifestyle. I’ve been with my husband, Sean, for 16 years and happily married 10 years.

I started this blog as a way to share what I’ve learned about health, fitness, and nutrition over the past year. If it helps even one person, than I will have succeeded.

I began my weight loss journey on January 2, 2012 after gaining close to 20 lbs. during 2011. I weighed more on 1/2/12 than I ever did at 9 months pregnant with any of my kids. I slowly began to “eat clean” and joined in the “Biggest Loser” competition at work. Over the next three months I lost 15 lbs!

January 2, 2012 was the first day of the rest of my life. (Yea, yea, cliche I know!) I gave up beer that day. I weighed myself and took measurements. I began to write down everything I ate. At first I used a notebook but in February I joined MyFitnessPal and have been logging my food daily there ever since. I read a lot of articles on line and discovered the concept of Clean Eating by Tosca Reno. This made sense to me at the time (still does) so I eliminated all sugar and processed foods. It was a gradual process and I struggled and had set backs but I persisted and felt better in the end for sticking with it. I began to exercise again. I used the game my husband had bought me the year before. I began walking outside and on the treadmill my husband got for Christmas.

I lost friends along the way once I began this journey. People who just didn’t understand why I was changing my diet and gave me a hard time for my food choices. I’ve heard it all. That my food was “gross” or looked like “mush” and “how can you eat that stuff?”. But I stayed strong and did what I felt was best for me. It was hard, I’m not going to sugar-coat my journey. I felt discouraged when after a month of clean eating I hadn’t lost any weight. I decided to start jogging and using a kettlebell. The weight slowly began to come off, half a pound or one pound at a time. I think there was a two pound loss at one point, but overall it was a very slo-o-o-w process.

Soon people began to notice and ask what I was doing to lose the weight. I was cautious about who I shared my process with, it felt so personal and I didn’t want to be judged.

At the end of March the Biggest Loser competition at work ended, I had lost 15 lbs. during the competition and ended up in 5th place overall!

I discovered Spinning and quickly was hooked! I went to every available class that I could. When the owners closed up for the summer, I bought myself a road bike and hit the pavement!

I decided to register for a 6K in early May, again a way to hold myself accountable. Soon after that race, I signed up for several more races; 5Ks, a Mud Run obstacle course, a bike race, and two triathlons. I even ended up doing a Zombie Race at the end of the summer. Since I began this journey in January, I’ve lost 26 lbs, maybe more, I haven’t weighed myself since August sometime. I’ve lost 2 inches on my neck, 2 inches on my waist, 2 inches on my hips, and 4 inches on my bust. Again, this may be more since I stopped tracking in June.

My race season officially ended on October 6th with a Fall Festival 5K. I improved my time from 32 min in May to 25:52 min in October!

Edited to add: I ran a Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving  morning but don’t know my official time. Apparently there was some “issues” with the timing chips.

To help me stay on track and keep me motivated during the cold winter months I ran four races as part of the Polar Bear Series through my local YMCA. I ran a 5K, 10K, 10 miles and Half Marathon.

I’ve got lots of races planned for the 2013 season, so be sure to check back often for race recaps. You can find them on the Herbivore Triathlete Race Results Page.

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