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FitSnap Creates Inspirational Pictures of Your Fitness Activities

I was recently contacted by FitSnap App to check out their free Itunes app, which allows you to create inspirational images from a variety of physical activities such as running, cycling, or yoga. After creating an awesome picture you can share it with various different forms of social media, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’ve been having fun the last couple days playing around with different pictures to use as well as the different styles and filters.


FitSnap is an easy-to-use, free iPhone application that helps people create inspirational pictures from their workouts or other activities. It adds workout information on top of photos to create beautiful images that can be shared with friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

FitSnap is super fun and easy to use. Here’s how it works; Either click the “camera” and take a picture, or click on “photo library”, and choose a photo from your library.

FitSnap Creates Inspirational Pictures of Your Fitness Activities

Next, zoom in the image, so it’s center, and scaled to your liking. Then click “choose” to save it. Click on “next” on the top right corner. Choose your activity. If your workout is under an hour you will leave the first row of numbers for your time as 00. You can then put anything you’d like in the comments section.  Click “done” when satisfied, then click “next” in the top, right corner.

FitSnap Creates Inspirational Pictures of Your Fitness Activities

Next comes the fun part; choosing your theme. Theme options include; Sporty, Simple, Running, or Yoga. Next, choose your filter, by swiping through the pictures of the blonde girl on the bottom. Once you’re happy, click on the green square with the arrow, on the top right of the screen.

FitSnap Creates Inspirational Pictures of Your Fitness Activities

The final step is deciding who you want to share your inspirational image with. You can send it as message, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or click on “save image” to save it to your camera roll.

FitSnap Creates Inspirational Pictures of Your Fitness Activities
Here is an example of a finished image!
FitSnap Creates Inspirational Pictures of Your Fitness Activities


  • Take a photo with iPhone camera or select an existing image from photo library.
  • Select from a list of activities, including running, cycling, swimming, CrossFit, yoga and more.
  • Enter information about a workout or activity, such as distance, duration, yoga pose, comments and more.
  • Select from one of eight filters tuned to highlight fitness photos.
  • Select from several themes to apply different styles of workout information over the photo. Two themes, Sporty and Simple, are included in the free application. Two other themes, Running and Yoga, are available as in-app purchases for $0.99.
  • New themes will be introduced in the application over time.
  • FitSnap images can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They can also be saved to the iPhone photo library, emailed, messaged and more.
  • FitSnap is a free application with no annoying ads.

Do you like to share inspirational photos on social media? 

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